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  Vibratory Spiral Elevators

Custom Built Vibratory Spiral Elevators & Vibratory Elevators

Vibratory Spiral Elevators & Vibratory Elevators allow industries to maintain efficient flow rates of bulk materials at the same time as integrated processing (i.e., cooling, heating, drying and humidifying) within a small footprint area.

The importance of the vibratory spiral elevators in modern bulk solids technology is based, on the one hand, on the cleaning-friendly and hygienic mode of operation and, on the simple linking of the conveying process with procedural functions.

Our team of engineers have over 35 years of experience in designing and building Vibratory Spiral Elevators & Vibratory Elevators which perfectly match our client's operational requirements and facility dimensions. All of our vibration equipment meets high industry standards, is custom-built to order and manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards.

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Technical Details:

Unique design and engineering functions can be added to all Vibratory Spiral Elevators & Vibratory Elevators to suit operational requirements, including:

Fabrication in mild steel or ST/ST.
Fully-Encased structure provided with inlets/outlets and including different flight sections.
Designed to have low transmitted vibration, low inlet height or top/bottom drive systems.

Capacity up to 15 CU/M/HR
Height up to 7 metres
Self-supporting up to 6.5m
Max 1 metre sq. floor area

Vibratory Spiral Elevators: Equipment Applications and Manufacturing Details

Vibratory Spiral Elevators are vertically aligned oscillating conveyors, which are increasingly being used in mechanical and thermal process engineering to elevate or softly de-elevate material.
Its use is one of the standard solutions for bulk material handling in numerous industrial sectors where space is restricted. Typical applications include material that is too abrasive for screw conveyors; additional processes such as cooling or heating during transportation; requirement for easy access cleaning or sterile surfaces.

Due to the diversity of the products and their properties, the design is almost always project-related, whereby standardised gradations of the helical diameters are taken into account to implement functional features; including:

a. Natural cooling takes place due to the long retention time. Increased cooling can be obtained by
  using larger diameter spiral bodies or by introducing a "blown air system" (ambient or chilled).
b. Twin track spirals are available.
c. Spirals can be totally enclosed i.e. when handling very fine powders.
d. Spirals can be made in stainless steel or mild steel.
e. Curved or flat flights are used depending on the type of product being elevated and either profile
  can be corrugated.

Due to a small horizontal footprint and large travel distance, Vibratory Spiral Elevators are often used to either heat or cool material. Holes can be drilled in the central tube and hot (or cold, depending on process) air can be passed through to assist the product to reach desired temperatures. Liners can be installed on the curved trough surfaces to achieve different goals:

Polyurethane liners to provide protection from wear and prevent material from sticking.
Teflon can be sprayed which also provides wear protection and minimises material adhesion.
Hard wearing steels can be bolted or welded to an extremely hard wearing surface.
Rubber, either securely fixed or live, will greatly reduce the amount of material that will stick to the trough surface.

In addition to custom-built Vibratory Spiral Elevators & Vibratory Elevators, Curtis Vibrators also fabricates a comprehensive range of vibration equipment in stainless steel; including:

Vibratory Conveyors
Vibratory Shakeout Grids
Chromite Separators

If you have any enquiries in regards to our vibration equipment in stainless steel fabrication, or would like a tailor-made quote prepared by our engineering team, fill in the enquiry form on our contact page.

Close up image of a Vibratory Spiral Elevators

Vibratory Cooling Elevators
Large dia/shallow pitch to give max retention time
Fan to blow air through or over product
Water cooled models, complete with chiller, etc.
Top or bottom drive
Corrugated flights available

Photo of completed Vibratory Spiral Elevators by Curtis Vibrators in an outside location
Photo of a Vibratory Spiral Elevators being built by Curtis Vibrators Vibratory Spiral Elevators
Quiet running
Max 1 metre sq. floor area
Inlets and outlets to suit
Can be totally enclosed
Different flight sections
Mild steel or ST/ST
Low transmitted vibration
Low inlet height
Height up to 7 metres
Low maintenance
Min degradation
Twin flight arrgt (shown)
Capacity up to 15 CU/M/HR
Self supporting up to 6.5m
Top or bottom drive

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